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The Top 6 Highest CBG Hemp Strains

Although it isn’t quite as prolific as CBD, cannabigerol or CBG plays a major role in hemp’s effects. Identified as a powerful player in the arenas of discomfort management, appetite regulation, and sleep support, CBG profoundly impacts the way that hemp affects your system.

Most people don’t realize it, but the reason why they use and love hemp is actually because of CBG. And if you’re one of the few who understand just how important this cannabinoid is, then it’s imperative that you give these top 6 highest CBG hemp strains the time of day.

White Widow

image of white widow

The child of two landraces -- Brazilian and South Indian -- White Widow boasts a cannabinoid profile designed by mother nature herself. Complex and dynamic, this cultivar brings effects that help users appreciate the true power of hemp minus all the fancy names and artisan breeding tactics.

A favorite among purists, White Widow doesn’t come shrouded in a blanket of drizzling trichomes and red tendrils. But despite its rather flat appearance, White Widow makes up for it with her profound chemistry and structured balanced effects. But because too many people fall for appearances, many miss out on the chance.

According to over 4,000 users who have left feedback on the strain, White Widow’s cannabinoids lend a controlled energy boost paired with a creative headspace and a talkative mood. Perfect for those active days at work, this strain won’t make you feel too overwhelmed, but it may help you get out of a productivity rut.


image of tangerine hemp strain

The phenotype of a phenotype, this fourth generation cultivar comes from a long line of perfected genetics. The masterminds behind this iconic choice made sure to carefully weed out imperfections during the breeding process, eliminating substandard qualities over four generations.

The result? A tangy, fruit, flavorful strain with almost zero bitterness. Once lit, Tangerine produces light, airy, fluffy smoke that pushes down through your throat like a cloudy cream. Its flavors -- as though designed for neophytes -- allow the smoothest, most pleasant smoking experience you’ve ever felt.

The effects of Tangerine can make you feel refreshed and uplifted -- like sinking your teeth into a juicy, tangerine on a hot summer day. Energizing and mood-boosting, Tangerine may make you feel rejuvenated and ready to take the challenges of the day headlong.

Jack Diesel

image of jack diesel hemp strain

A huge chunk that contributes to Jack Diesel’s popularity is its iconic lineage. The child of legendary strains Jack Herrer and NYC Diesel, Jack Diesel combines pungent, gasoline flavors with light, floral notes that make it a true juxtaposition of hemp’s elaborate and extensive terpene spectrum.

At a glance, Jack Diesel touts major bag appeal, boasting huge nugs that boast the entire gradient of greens. With high-quality samples, you can expect to find a rich trichome jacket that leaves a sticky residue on the fingers during handling. The nugs themselves release the signature Jack Diesel scent for added appeal.

The effects of Jack Diesel start off slow. Most users report simply feeling hungry. But as they progress, the strain’s effects encroach into energy territory, giving you not only vigor of mind but also a seemingly increased capacity for physical performance. This is all topped off with a hungry spell that might make you want to keep munching.

Juicy Fruit

image of juicy fruit hemp strain

Another landrace love child, this strain combines Afghani with Thai. Touting a strong myrcene content, the Juicy Fruit strain delivers a mouthful of herbal flavor that intertwines perfectly with hints of pine and sweet, citrus fruit. The mouth-water flavors can up your salivary production as the smoke hits your throat.

While it isn’t the smoothest smoking experience, Juicy Fruit doesn’t offend the senses too much, making it a great starting strain for the uninitiated. Ideal for starting the day, this fast-acting strain delivers just enough energy to help you power through the day minus the after-lunch drowsiness.

Described as upbeat, uplifting, and happy, Juicy Fruit has found purpose among users who need a little help getting out of a bad mood. Strong and long-lasting, Juicy Fruit’s effects are more than sufficient to pull you out of any cynical disposition you might find yourself in so you can stay on top of daily to-do’s.

Super Jack 

image of super jack hemp strain

A combination of Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer, Super Jack brags one of the most interesting flavor profiles in all of the hemp industry. Spicy and sweet, the strain leaves a palpable stinging sensation in the mouth and on the lips, further expounding the dynamic sensations that hemp can provide.

Considered one of the best daytime strains, Super Jack produces uplifting, awakening effects that can zap you out of that usual zombie haze that might shroud your mornings and prevent productivity. It also works well to banish feelings of apprehension and stress, giving you a clearer mind for everyday work.

What users particularly enjoy about Super Jack is its ability to clear away cognitive clutter to give you razor-sharp focus. This can help you stay away from distractions and stick to your intended schedule so you can finish on time for a fresh change. If you’ve got nothing to do, Super Jack just makes a nice clearheaded companion.

Lemon Meringue

image of lemon meringue hemp strain

According to experts, Lemon Meringue has one of the highest CBG concentrations on the hemp scene. With CBG levels of up to 2%, this highly coveted strain has become something of a rarity and is often sought out by veterans and hardcore enthusiasts who want to experience CBG in all its power and might.

Bringing together the genetics of Lemon Skunk and Cookies and Cream, Lemon Meringue delivers creamy, thick smoke that’s infused with the flavors of lemon, sweet pastry, and nectar. At the tail end, the smoke trails off into a deep bitterness that might deter less experienced users.

A proven remedy against head pangs, physical discomfort, stress, and unfounded apprehension, Lemon Meringue can help curb many of the issues that could get in between you and a productive, happy day. For those struggling to stay active, the cultivar also provides a strong yet subtle motivation to get moving.

Discover the Wonders of CBG

Identified as a strong and important player in the hemp dimension, cannabigerol or CBG stimulates the central nervous system in ways that many cannabinoids can’t. By opting for strains with higher CBG content than usual, you should be able to experience its benefits and enhance the advantages of others through the entourage effect.

Remember, differences in farm environments and cultivation techniques can impact CBG expression. So if you were looking for hemp strains with the most CBG to offer, these top 6 highest CBG hemp strains should put an end to your search.


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