Tips for Becoming a Cannabis Content Creator

Did you know that content creation is considered an economy? It’s true. So much that Forbes published an article all about it: The Continuous Growth of the Creator Economy. In that article, they reported that the creator economy is worth a little over $100 billion dollars. 

Content creators and creators of all kinds are in high demand. It could be a generational thing, it could be a technology thing, it could be Covid, maybe it's all 3; what is clear is that, the rise of content creators is rising as fast as the cannabis industry. And yes, the demand for cannabis content creators is huge!

What is Content Creation and What Do Content Creators Do?

Content creation is: “the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other format.”

Content creators come in multiple forms: writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, etc. These people create content from the ideas generated, using their various specialties.Their biggest gem/gift/speciality is being able to turn an audience into a community through engagement; but also- they advertise based on the audience and how the audience needs to be engaged with.  

It’s like Forbes says: “Creators can replicate movie and radio production at a smaller scale to a smaller audience. Even music can be produced, recorded and edited by creators.” 

General Tips for Becoming a Content Creator 

Becoming a content creator requires first, for the creator to know what they want to create and how. Check out these general tips for becoming a content creator:

  • Learn about the industry you wish to create in
  • Create on a regular basis
  • Study the audience for the industry you wish to create in
  • Find and establish your voice
  • Network
  • Offer solutions

These are a few general tips, when it comes to the cannabis industry though, we dug a little deeper.

Podcasting is one of many forms of content creation.

4 Tips for Becoming a Cannabis Content Creator- from Cannabis Content Creators Themselves

As stated above, content creation is general but tips for each sector need a little more insight. Below are 4 cannabis content creators and a tip from their point of view, about becoming a cannabis content creator.

Hear from a cannabis content creator regarding content creation as a Marketer:

“Aspiring marketers must learn to leverage organic growth, meaning marketing without paid ads. U.S. federal regulations prevent traditional marketing strategies in cannabis. Even the Canadian market faces tough marketing regulations, despite federal cannabis legalization. SEO & effective (I emphasize effective!) influencer marketing are two powerful organic approaches that work when executed properly. Vee’s take on highlighting minority business owners in the cannabis space is one real life example of effective influencer marketing in this industry.”- Kaitlin Domangue

Hear from a cannabis content creator regarding content creation as a Photographer:

“Practice by finding your niche, investing in it, and creating a page just for photography on all social media platforms. Use hashtags that align with your type of photography. You also will need a website.Cannabis photography is a field of opportunities, so connect with local businesses and offer your service as a volunteer to build a portfolio if you don’t have one. If you want to build a name and be taken seriously you're going to need one. Once you find the type of photography you're good at, stick to it and master it!” - Cannavibezz, LLC

Hear from a cannabis content creator regarding content creation as Writer:

If you are aspiring to become a writer in the cannabis space - you need to make friends with fellow writers! Creating a working relationship with fellow writers can give you insight on how to manage your writing career, what tactics you may be missing out on, and how to grow as a cannabis writer. These relationships are valuable and can last your entire career if not your whole life. Be kind, be open-minded, and trust where your writing aspirations will lead you!”- Hannah Izer 

Hear from a cannabis content creator regarding content creation as a Podcaster:

Before starting a podcast, set your boundaries. Figure out how long you need between recording times, how much information you require from guests, what behavior you will and won't tolerate, and add way more cushioning than you think you need. Stick to your boundaries, regardless of the guest's status or relationship to you. And above all else, know your why, and keep it somewhere close to you at all times. The why can change, but it's important to have it written down and near you when you record.'- Your Highness Podcast

In Closing
Plain Jane collaborates with cannabis content creators on various projects. Check out YouTube and Instagram for insight into the ways Plain Jane works with content creators. Do you have any tips for content creators? Comment below.

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