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Top Four Reasons Why CBD Isn't Working for You

Many consumers may not have the results they expect when they try a CBD product. If you are wondering why CBD isn't working for you, you aren't alone. Certainly, there are many factors to consider when you are not getting the results you expect from a product. Here are some of the top reasons why CBD isn't working for you.

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CBD Isn't Working Because You Had the Wrong Expectations

The first thing to consider is that your expectations for a CBD product were not realistic. There is so much marketing out there that can lead people to believe that natural health products are a fix for a variety of health issues. The reality is that much of what you are hearing are claims based on personal experiences. There is a growing amount of research to support the use of CBD for some indications, but ultimately it has not been approved for any medical use (except the drug Epidiolex for epilepsy). When you try CBD, keep an open mind but don't set your expectations too high. Do your research so you understand the strengths and limitations of different CBD products.

CBD Isn't Working Because of the Dosage or Formulation

There is no legally set dosing recommendation for CBD, which makes it difficult to know how much to take. The general guidance is to start low and slowly increase. If you start feeling side effects, reduce the amount or discontinue use. Don't be shy to talk to your doctor, they can provide guidance and make sure that nothing else you take will interfere with taking CBD. Another factor is that full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate have different ranges of activity and act on different receptors in the body.

Depending on your body chemistry, your delivery method (oral, inhalation, or sublingual), the formulation, and the amount you take will all influence how CBD works. If a CBD isolate product is not working at the same amount as a full spectrum product, that is actually normal. It is possible that isolate CBD isn't working because you are taking it at a lower dose where full-spectrum CBD would be more active in your body. Understanding CBD bioavailability helps make sense of the nuances between delivery method, formulation, and dosage.

Low Quality CBD Products

Since the FDA has yet to regulate and standardize the CBD industry, there are a lot of brands out there that could still be using low-quality ingredients. Not all companies employ scientists to determine proper product formulas and while most companies test their products, those results don't always come from certified labs or properly prepared samples. Unfortunately, there are a lot of variabilities that can occur and some companies don't understand how to perform proper quality control. Look for companies that have a history of selling reliable products and don't get caught up in looking for the cheapest options. When buying CBD products it is a good idea to pay attention to their product test results and also look at the history of product reviews.

CBD Isn't Working Because of Interactions

All CBD companies will recommend you speak with your doctor before taking CBD because companies cannot legally advise you on medical issues. CBD is known to have many possible drug interactions. There are drug interactions that can make it work less, make it work more, make it last longer in the body, or make it last shorter in the body. If you are currently on medications, it is really important to make sure that taking CBD will not have dangerous drug interactions. Even if drug interactions aren't dangerous, it could be that CBD isn't working because other supplements or medications are blocking its activity. Another thing to keep in mind is that cannabinoids are fat-soluble, so taking CBD with fatty food will help it be more soluble in the body.

Final Thoughts

Now that you understand the reasons CBD isn't working for you, you'll see that there are a lot of things to consider. CBD is not a cure-all and surely isn't the right option for everyone. Plain Jane offers a massive collection of blog articles that can help you understand CBD products better, have realistic expectations, and help you choose the best products for your health goals. You might find answers to your questions by reading more or by talking to your doctor, which is always recommended!


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