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Tweedle Farms CBD Review

The CBD market is one of the largest markets in the world. The U.S. cannabis market size was valued at USD 11.3 billion in 2018. It may be unimaginable, but there are now thousands of distributors in the world of hemp. One of the most popular and respectable is Tweedle Farm.

The Story of Tweedle Farms

Jason Evan and James Green are the owners of Tweedle Farms. The idea of growing was inspired by James's childhood experiences in his grandmother's garden. Tweedle is growing about 8 acres and around 14,000 hemp plants and planning to expand due to product demand. They are located in the northwestern town of Jewell, where this cannabis farm is really doing well.

Tweedle Farms had gained a huge amount of followers despite being new to the market. They started operations in early 2016 but did not formally launch until 2018 (when the Farm Bill broadly legalized hemp).

Tweedle Farms Hemp Flower

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Tweedle Farms products are stored in vacuum-sealed mylar bags, to be able to maintain its freshness and kept in great conditions. Tweedle Farms has around 13 CBD flower strains available in their website catalog; each hybrid contains a detailed description of the properties and benefits of strain, CBD and THC level. They also offer hemp pre-rolls, broad-spectrum distillate wax, topicals, tinctures, and bath bombs.

Shipping Policy

When will my package arrive? This is the most common question in the world of online customer service!

Tweedle Farms requires two business days to process all transactions. After these two days are up, it usually takes between five to seven business days to deliver a customer’s order. Once the customer places the order, they should be receiving a tracking number after 24 hours, then wait for the fulfillment process, it takes 2-3 days (depending on the amount of product, of course) and 5:7 days for shipping.

Is Tweedle Farms Legal?

Yes, after the 2018 Farm Bill hemp with under 0.03% THC is legal. However, not all states allow all CBD and hemp products to be possessed or sold there. Also, keep in mind that hemp and CBD companies do not offer legal protection if your products are seized by authorities.


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