What are Cannabis Diamonds

Cannabis diamonds are isolate/crystalline structures that come from high purity cannabinoids. They are called diamonds because of the crystalline solids. Those that dab are very familiar with cannabis diamonds because cannabis diamonds are usually dabbed. 

Cannabis diamonds can be made from any cannabinoid, but it's the THCA (the most abundant and intoxicating cannabinoid) and CBD crystallization that is commonly found at dispensaries. 

They are white color, but can be amber- gold if terpenes are present. Diamonds range in size from small to large of cannabinoid crystals.

Where do Cannabis Diamonds Come From?

The cannabis diamond extraction process starts when cannabinoids are purified and isolated under the right conditions; usually fresh-frozen to produce live resin but can also be extracted from cured cannabis material. 

The sauce (terpenes sauce) comes first, and that comes from a closed loop extraction method. The sauce is then placed under certain pressures and temperatures for the separation of cannabinoids and terpenes.

A lot of the time, the result is a mix of cannabis diamonds and terpene sauce that looks a little like jelly. But when processed further, separation of THCA diamonds takes place resulting in the crystallized THCA- cannabis diamonds, and the liquid - terpene sauce. 

And then, purging process to remove most of the residual butane solvent from the final product.

Cannabis Diamond Facts:

Cannabis diamonds are often referred to as THC diamonds.

When exposed to heat, TCHA (also known as THC acid)  turns into THC, that's the cannabinoid that produces the high.

These concentrates tend to be more expensive because of the amount of labor needed to create them, due to their extremely high level of purity. 

Cannabis diamonds are usually dabbed with the addition of terp sauce, as a purified cannabinoid diamond has little to no flavor. 

Diamond mining is a term used to describe the process of causing concentrate to form into diamonds. 

Cannabis diamonds can be added to blunts and bowls, they aren’t exclusive to dabbing. 

Some states have banned cannabis products like cannabis diamonds, Michigan was one of those states. 

99% of the cannabis diamond is THCA, the other 1% consists of terpenes and other cannabinoids. 

Cannabis diamonds have the potential to be 4 times stronger than a blunt/joint. 

Cannabis diamonds contain the highest potency of THCA or CBD compared to other cannabis concentrates which range in potency levels between 50% and 90%.

Should I Make Cannabis Diamonds at Home

It’s not recommended. Cannabis diamonds need machinery and expert handling. Because of the solvents used in extraction, it is highly advised that only expert/certified extractors handle. 

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