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What Happens When CBD and Mushrooms are Taken Together

Cannabis and mushrooms are both nature’s way of healing the human mind and body. Both are powerful in their own light, and the way they work with each other is a beautiful example of collaboration. For the complex human can’t be healed simply by man in the lab, the complexity of human needs the ease of nature. 

The Healing Benefits of CBD

CBD is being used to treat everything from eczema to diabetes to managing menstrual cycles. The benefits of CBD are vast and new ways of using it surface every day. Some of the benefits and ailments CBD is used for include: acne, stress relief, treatment of inflammation, fibromyalgia, schizophrenia, insomnia, multiple sclerosis, and crohn’s disease. 

You see, the  human body has an endocannabinoid system. We all have it: humans and mammals. CBD acts like a catalyst for our bodies, it affects the body’s endocannabinoid system by activating other receptors; like serotonin receptors. Recent studies of CBD show the potential of CBD positively affecting everything from pain to anxiety.

For women, CBD has evolved to being considered a holistic wellness option, just like essential oils and practicing yoga.

The Healing Benefits of Mushrooms

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In history, medical practitioners used mushrooms to heal people from issues with: digestion, water regulation, stress disorders, concentration, cancer, skin health, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, and even as a source of food as we do now. In Japan and China, mushrooms were used to strengthen the immune system. 

And though psychedelic mushrooms don’t always get love due to legality and lack of information, they are in fact magical. Research and studies on psychedelics for mental health show:

  • “We did not find use of psychedelics to be an independent risk factor for mental health problems.
  • “Controlled studies have not suggested that use of psychedelics lead to long-term mental health problems.”
  • “LSD and psilocybin are consistently ranked in expert assessments as causing less harm to both individual users and society than alcohol, tobacco, and most other common recreational drugs”.

CBD and Mushrooms Together

So much of what we know about both cannabis and mushrooms is new, maybe not for some, but for many. As someone that consumes both cannabis and mushrooms, I am a fan of consuming both for overall wellness. I find that when I consume a psychedelic mushroom, smoking cannabis (both THC and CBD) helps with the nausea sometimes felt when mushrooms are consumed.

A recent article in Leafly, reports a 2006 study that looked into polysubstance use among university students and found that of the 149 students surveyed, nearly 60% regularly co-administered cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms

According to Healthline, combining mushrooms with CBD-rich cannabis strains can reduce the feelings of nausea and anxiety that mushrooms cause for some people. Healthline says, and I have heard this from various people, that consuming cannabis THC and psychedelic mushrooms together can intensify the trip, but as a microdoser (I consume about 1.5 grams of mushrooms per journey) my experience hasn’t been like that. 

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Lauren Vrabel, Cannabis Pharmacist, Writer, Advisor, and Educator says:

“There isn’t a whole lot of research on consuming specific mushrooms and cannabis together, but it seems safe to say there isn’t much to worry about regarding the combination. Edible mushrooms like Lion’s mane or reishi are safe to consume with cannabis and might even have added benefits together when it comes to mood, inflammation, and cognitive function.

People might want to consume CBD and magic mushrooms together to improve their mood, whether they are anxious or depressed, and it seems relatively safe to do so as well.

There aren’t any notable or expected drug interactions between CBD and psilocybin because they are metabolized by different methods in the body, but the dosage can make all the difference. Higher doses of CBD can be sedating and cause diarrhea, which could potentially add onto the negative experience of a bad trip. Lower doses could help to prevent a bad trip, but it’s unlikely that CBD will enhance the psychedelic experience.

When it comes to THC and psilocybin, the dose is extremely important. Lower doses of THC may enhance your trip, but higher ones are very likely to ensure a bad one by increasing symptoms of anxiety, paranoia, and nausea.”

Final Words

Before consuming cannabis and/or medicinal or psychedelic mushrooms, dig deep. Know yourself, all you can about any medical conditions you have, and research how anything- including food, can help or hurt you. 

This article doesn’t serve as medical advice, just a starting place for information. 

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Veronica Castillo is a writer from Miami, with a pre-Cannabis background in insurance and human resources. She advocates, writes about, and educates on the topic of cannabis and hemp for overall life. Currently, she is a resident of the road exploring all thing’s cannabis and hemp in the United States, with plans to travel abroad in exploration of cannabis and hemp culture in other countries.


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