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What is AVW 1 Hemp?

15th Oct 2020

What is AVW 1 Hemp?

AVW 1 is one of the new 2020 hemp strains offered by Plain Jane Hemp. Plain Jane AVW 1 hemp flower was grown in the fertile volcanic soils of Hawaii. Plain Jane sources most of their hemp flower locally in Oregon, but this flower is a special limited selection that you will want to try before supplies run out!

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AVW 1 Hemp Genetics

AVW 1 is a hemp strain that has unconfirmed genetic origins. Some suspect that it is a hybrid of Wild Thai x Sage Kush x Cat Piss, but genetic analysis shows that it has closer hemp flower relatives including Odyssey, Cherry Wine, ACDC, Charlotte's Web, RD-4, P22-097-5, and #3 by Rocky Mountain CBD Seeds.

Hemp Flower Qualities

AVW 1 hemp flower looks similar to the Cat's Meow, but the smell and nugs are quite different. The buds are fluffy and trimmed to perfection, they are moist and dense. The smell is citrus and herb with a hint of sour skunk. The flavor of AVW 1 starts off herbal, fruity, and floral, and finishes with a more sour flavor. To experience the full flavor profile of AVW 1 you'll want to use a dry herb vape.

Hemp Flower Effects

My personal experience with the AVW 1 hemp strain was relaxing but not sedating. Everyone will have their own unique experience, but for me it was on the 'chill' side and I really enjoyed the flavor. There seems to be some kush genetics in AVW 1 that give it floral notes and a bulky-loose bud structure.

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AVW 1 Strain Review

AVW 1 Hemp Flower Lab Report

Looking at the lab report for Plain Jane AVW 1 hemp flower reveals the AVW 1 cannabinoid profile. This features trace amounts of CBG, THCV, CBDV, and delta-8-THC which impart a unique strain-specific experience.

AVW1 hemp lab report

CBD Potency of AVW 1

While this strain only has about 10% CBD (~10mg CBD per gram), it feels potent. A similar effect can be observed with the Hempress hemp strain. When strains have a good balance of terpenes and cannabinoids, they can feel more potent due to the entourage effect. When terpenes and cannabinoids are diverse they can act on more receptors in the body than a single potent cannabinoid alone in an 'entourage effect.'

That is why it is very important to consider strains as a whole and not just shop for the one that is most potent in CBD! You may be surprised to feel more from low potency strains than from high CBD hemp strains.


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