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Kush Cake Indoor Hemp Flower

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This product is under 0.3% Delta 9 THC.
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Experience Bliss: Unveiling the Sweet Sensation of Indoor CBD Kush Cake Flower!

Introducing our premium Indoor CBD Kush Cake Flower, a true delight for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a remarkable experience. This exquisite strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, carefully cultivated to deliver a harmonious blend of relaxation and euphoria.

The first thing you'll notice about our Indoor CBD Kush Cake Flower is its captivating aroma. With a sugary sweet vanilla overtone, this strain entices your senses and invites you to indulge in its delightful fragrance. As you take a deep breath, you'll also detect a subtle punch, adding a touch of excitement to the overall experience.

Crafted with utmost care and precision, our Indoor CBD Kush Cake Flower boasts exceptional quality. Grown indoors, this strain benefits from a controlled environment, allowing for optimal growth and development. The result is a product that is visually stunning, with dense, resinous buds that glisten with trichomes.

But it's not just about appearance; our Indoor CBD Kush Cake Flower offers a remarkable cannabinoid profile. With a high CBD content, this strain provides a soothing and calming effect, perfect for those seeking relaxation and stress relief. The indica dominance ensures a deep sense of tranquility, allowing you to unwind and find peace in the midst of a hectic day.

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or new to the world of CBD, our Indoor CBD Kush Cake Flower is a must-try. Its unique combination of flavors, aromas, and effects make it a truly exceptional strain. So sit back, relax, and let the sweet vanilla notes and subtle punch of this remarkable flower transport you to a state of blissful serenity.


What is CBD?

CBD, aka cannabidiol, is a well-researched cannabinoid dominant in our Plain Jane hemp flowers. CBD-rich hemp flowers are non-psychoactive, which means they will not make its user high. Today, CBD is considered one of the most studied cannabinoids of the hemp plant, primarily because it is believed to have a range of therapeutic properties. 



  • Do not use the product while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.
  • Use responsibly and keep out of reach of children. 
  •  If you are subject to regular or random drug screening, it is best not to consume this product. Most standard drug tests will be unable to tell the difference between Delta-8-THC and Delta-9.
  •  Plain Jane cannot be held responsible for any individual who consumes this product.
  •  The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.
  •  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use with caution.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant.


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  • 5
    Kush Cake CBD Hemp Flower

    Posted by Josh on 29th Mar 2024

    Awesome quality bud! Very relaxing energetic and calming at the same time effect. I just ordered more. PS: will fail a drug test for THC.

  • 4
    Kush cake indoor hemp flower-

    Posted by BZ on 11th Mar 2024

    Smooth and sticky. No harshness on the throat and no funny feelings...just chill feeling.

  • 5
    Beautiful fragrant bud

    Posted by Floyd2k on 29th Jun 2023

    I got this to go with Wedding Cake gummies. This is a wicked strain that will both energize and relax. The edgy buzz from the top of a session will mellow but it reminds me of The Jack. Unreal nose and taste!

  • 5
    Tastes like Cake, Very smooth

    Posted by Ser on 20th Dec 2022

    Literally smells like a cake when you open up and take a whiff. Burns very smooth & white clean ash. Not the highest cbd % but makes me feel very mellow and relaxed. Mixed with Cherry Blossom it created one of the tastiest and most effective CBD joints I've ever had. Definitely give her a try. I'm sure it would make an awesome tasting cbd oil or butter.

  • 4
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Posted by Randall Someillan on 5th Dec 2021

    Amazing taste and smell this strain has so far been my favorite I'm the cbd realm it has made my night relaxing and splendid thanks plain jane

  • 4
    Rated 4 out of 5

    Posted by Erin B. on 25th Nov 2021

    Well- balanced strain. One of the best tasting flowers I've had. It literally tastes like a cake with earthy hints of berries lemon and cream. Perfect mid-day smoke.

  • 5
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Posted by Jackie on 15th Sep 2021

    Smells and tastes amazing!!! Sweet but not overpowering sweet. Effects had me relaxed and happy; functional.

  • 5
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Posted by Thomas Cope on 8th Sep 2021

    Not the strongest strain but very smooth and relaxing tastes excellent and I find that it mixes well with other strains I have on hand. Feels well balanced.