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Want to try multiple CBD hemp flower strains but don't want to commit to buying an eighth of each? We've created hemp flower sample packs with one gram of four different strains for you to try:

Energized: CBG, Harle Tsu, Jack Herer, Durban Diesel

Lifted:  1. Berry Bliss, Blueberry Diesel, Lifter, Sour Space Candy

2. Sour Diesel, Otto, Remission, Pineapple Haze

Balanced: Bubba Kush, Pineberry, Wife Rerve(greenhouse), T-1 Reserve(greenhouse)

Chill:   1.  Elektra, Mongo, Siskiyou Gold, Special Sauce

2. Charlotte's Web  , Stormi, Skywalker, Purple Gas

Super Chill: Hempress, Hawaiian Haze, Kush, Berry Blossom

143 reviews for Flower Sampler Pack

  1. Luke (verified owner)

    Decent way to try out a few strains. I would stick to the indoor stuff personally though.

  2. Alice (verified owner)

    Its great to be able to sample a number of hemps { sample packs have a fair selection] in various categories I.e, chill, balance, lift, etc. Good price for trying out different hemps

  3. LLAL (verified owner)

    Great buds and enjoy I can sample things first however not a fan of the excess packing

  4. Chelsea Markuson (verified owner)

    Quality in question. Lifter strain probably wasn’t flushed properly as it gave me a burning sensation in my throat that lasted a day. The best one in the sampler pack was sour space candy.

  5. Sean Hatch (verified owner)

    I have bought two sampler packs so far and they have been great. I pick my favorite strain and buy that in a glass jar.

  6. Jazmine H (verified owner)

    Best way to find out which bud is the best but then again all this bud is the best so

  7. Luis Fred (verified owner)

    The flower was some what dry, I feel if it was fresher it would of been a good punch.

    Thank You


  8. Charles Leebens (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried it yet

  9. Dana Kessler (verified owner)

    Although you dont get a lot of flower the choices are well suited and I really like 3 out of the 4.

  10. t kivel (verified owner)

    Love how this offers you a sample of 4 different strains. Thumb size bud for each sample.
    Found the CBD most effective when mixed w moon rocks

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