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Keeping Cannabis Fresh with CannaJars ATL

Born from a desire to enter the cannabis industry professionally, but not able to be in a plant touching field because of the law, Antwone Williams launched CannaJars ATL. But this wasn’t by plan, it was by design. Antwone shared that he made just 10 jars because he couldn’t find the rolling trays he wanted. When he posted the jars, the people spoke, and today CannaJars ATL is keeping cannabis and hemp fresh. 

The importance of cannabis freshness is huge. Weedmaps shared:

Moisture is the biggest threat to the shelf life of cannabis. Overly moist cannabis can also have serious health consequences, namely by encouraging the growth of mold and mildew. These risks are so serious that the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), which develops technical standards across many industries, published the “Standard Specification for Maintaining Acceptable Water Activity (aw) Range (0.55 to 0.65) for Dry Cannabis Flower” in May 2018.”

Learn more about CannaJars ATL below.

What was your relationship with cannabis pre legalization era

“My relationship with cannabis started early and like most kids from an urban environment, I experimented with it in my teens. As an adult and veteran, my consumption became more about a natural alternative to pill medication.”  

In browsing the collection, it looks like there is something for everyone, even non cannabis related designs; would you say CannaJarsATL has something for everyone and the use of the jars can apply to more than cannabis? 

“I created a variety of different themes so that customers can choose a jar that most fits their personality or interests. For people that consume cannabis or cannabis products, these jars double as a great storage option and a showpiece for your premium products. It is still a jar at the end of the day, so you can store whatever you want inside. I have customers who bought jars as collectibles and I've had others store candy for their work desk. There is no limit to what can be stored- there’s much space and opportunity!”

Your instagram page shows a CannaJarsATL ashtray; is this something in the works that's being added to your catalog?

“Yes, the ashtray is doing great at pop-up shops and we will be adding those, and more products soon.” 

Can customers order customized options and can dispensaries and smoke shops order in bulk?

“Customers can definitely order customized options. I also do bulk orders, with a current limit of 20 customized jars. As we grow, so will our options and capabilities.”

To learn more about CannaJars ATL, check them out here. And if you are in need of hemp flower to fill those jars with- take a browse through the Plain Jane store.

About Veronica Castillo

Veronica Castillo is a writer from Miami, with a pre-Cannabis background in insurance and human resources. She advocates, writes about, and educates on the topic of cannabis and hemp for overall life. Currently, she is a resident of the road exploring all thing’s cannabis and hemp in the United States, with plans to travel abroad in exploration of cannabis and hemp culture in other countries.


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