Delta 8 CBG Hemp Flower

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9 reviews for Delta 8 CBG Hemp Flower

  1. Adam L (verified owner)

    They’ve done it again. Best D8 flower I’ve tried so far. Not my favorite in terms of taste, but D8 extract flavor tends to take over in products like this. I can finally enjoy D8 in my dry herb vape and not get the major throat irritation that all the vape cartridges give me. Reasonable price, decent buds, and very effective. I hope we can get D8 options with some of the other strains on the site too.

  2. Troy Hunt (verified owner)

    I really like this flower. The buds that I got have a great smell, similar to a tangerine or citrusy strain, and tastes great. It was a little dry when I received it but I have 62% humidity packs that I put in with the bud and that really helped (I press a lot of bud with a rosin press which is why I prefer the 62% humidity packs).
    The high is definitely similar to that of delta-9 THC flower but slightly less intense which doesn’t bother me.
    I was able to get a small amount of rosin that tasted great and was very similar to a delta-9 dab.

  3. Elyse Naughton (verified owner)

    Love the product!

  4. Jay

    Effects really strong, probably the best strain I’ve had yet besides the flower being pretty dry. Smell was ok not great

  5. daymon black (verified owner)

    After waiting for a minute I got a free 3.5 for shipping problems. East coast shipping takes a minute but is well worth the wait. Smells nice and has a nice calming/energizing effect

  6. Samuel Ramos (verified owner)

    Wow just wow!!!! Love this product. Tried a few delta 8 products locally and not bad but this is by far the best I have tried. Thank you Plain Jane again for an amazing product!!

  7. michaela larsen (verified owner)

    Loved this effects of this product. Left me feeling happy and uplifted. The buds were beautifully trimmed, my only complaint is the buds were a tad bit dry. Threw in a 62% humidity pack and was perfect. 5 star product.

  8. Dixie Slacker (verified owner)

    This strain was really great. Reminded me of the real thing but without the paranoia and anxiety. So basically a perfect strain. I roll and smoke in pipes. And worked my way up to smoking cbd bud 3 to 5 times a day. This strain tricked me. I took 6 puffs off my pipe. Didn’t feel nothing much at first. By the time I sat down to talk with my mom.I felt stoned and smiling! When talking with my mom. I was talking like a stoner from a movie. It was hilarious! She was like “you can’t even talk right!” Yeah but I feel good

  9. PJR NYC (verified owner)

    Awesome! Because there aren’t many D8 flowers for sale on this site and they don’t tell you the average or general numbers This Delta-8 is on a mid/low shelf bud, BUT its the strongest at %8.8D8 and just %10CBG. Its my first time trying CBG as I have tons of CBD.

    The Hawaiian Haze D8 has a much higher CBD at %21.4!! and D8 at %8.6 the result is surprising. It’s a very nice mellow buzz. I’m really sold on the D8.

    in terms of that buzz we all crave, Hawaiian Haze is like a beer or two and D8 is a strong tall glass of wine. But both are amazing choices. You need both, it’s like The Hawaiian is for your morning coffee and the D8 is for a fun night after diner.

    I have the #’s for Sour Space Candy but I haven’t tried it yet. %21.9CBD | %8.6D8 has a touch more CBD Than HH, it might offer a very workable buzz too.

    If money is super tight and you’re super skeptical, get the D8 listed right here, but if your curious and have the cash, trust, and go for the variety, you’re gonna have fun.

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Cultivated in optimum conditions and harvested with the utmost care, our CBG-rich Delta-8 hemp buds possess a citrusy aroma with hints of camomile and pine. They’re ideal for those seeking a cannabinoid lift without the intensity of Delta-9 but still provide relaxation and peace of mind.

CBG/Delta-8 dosage:

10% CBG and 8% of hemp-derived Delta-8-THC.

What is CBG:

CBG is a type of cannabinoid obtained from the cannabis plants and is referred to as the mother of all cannabinoids because THC and CBD are extracted from its acid.

It is typically derived from young cannabis plants as they contain higher yields than developed plants, where most of the CBG is converted into CBD and THC. 

Like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive and abundant in low-THC and high-CBD cannabis strains, including hemp. It still reacts with cannabinoid receptors in the brain but reduces the psychoactivity of THC.

What is Delta-8:

Delta-8-THC, a variation of the THC compound, occurs naturally in most cannabis strains. It is a form of hemp-derived concentrate produced through selective breeding, molecular isolation, and a refined distillation process.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9:

The key difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 is the location of the specific bond between the atoms that make each THC model. Delta-8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon in the chain and Delta-9 on the 9th.

This small molecular difference changes how THC binds to the brain. Unlike Delta-9, which only activates the CB1 receptor, Delta-8 activates both the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

CB1 receptors are found throughout the body and brain, whereas most CB2 receptors are only present in organs like the digestive tract and immune system. Its potency is roughly half that of Delta-9, providing a smoother experience for users.



Our Delta-8 CBG hemp buds can be used to combat nausea, soothe anxiety, and relieve pain, as well as stimulate creativity and improve mood.

They are suitable for vaping with eight vape products.



Do not use the product while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.

Use responsibly and keep out of reach of children.

Do not use if pregnant or if you have any diagnosed or undiagnosed health conditions.

If you are subject to regular or random drug screening, it is best not to consume this product. Most standard drug tests will be unable to tell the difference between Delta-8-THC and Delta-9.

Plain Jane cannot be held responsible for any individual who consumes this product.

Hemp-derived Delta-8 is legal according to federal law and many state laws.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use with caution.