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How to Make CBD Preroll Joints with Hemp Flower

CBD preroll joints are a great portable option for smoking hemp flower. It's great to have them on hand for nicotine-free smoke breaks and outdoor adventures. While CBD vapes have gained popularity for their portability, some people are still hesitant about the ingredients and prefer a good old reliable doobie. These preroll joints are made with hemp, so unlike smoking a marijuana joint, they will not get you high.

cbd preroll joint tutorial

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CBD Preroll Joint Tutorial

You need to be at least 21 years of age to buy products like CBD hemp flower. Since prerolled joints are for adults only, you'll have to check out this DIY CBD Preroll Joint tutorial directly on YouTube to confirm your age. We promise there's nothing scandalous in this video, but must abide by YouTube Community Guidelines. Just click the 'Watch on YouTube' link below and you'll be directed to our CBD preroll joint tutorial featuring Plain Jane Girl Scout Cookies Hemp Flower!

How to Make Prerolled Hemp Joints

Making prerolled hemp joints is very easy. You can get all of the supplies you need from the Plain Jane website and from a tobacco store (or Amazon). Making your own CBD preroll joints doesn't take much time and can save you a lot of money. You also have the flexibility to blend your ground hemp flower with other strains for a customized experience. Here's everything that you will need:

supplies for making cbd preroll joints

Steps to make CBD Preroll Joints

Make your preroll joints over a rolling tray for easy clean up! If you have a smaller grinder you may even want to pour the ground flower into the tray for more working space.

  1. Grind the hemp flower
  2. Fill the bottom 1/4 to 1/3 of the cone then pack
  3. Fill the cone 1/2 to 2/3 full then pack
  4. Fill the rest of the cone and finish packing
  5. Pinch and twist to seal it up

Pro Tips for Packing Preroll Tubes

Some things to keep in mind when making CBD preroll joints include making sure that you do not pack the tubes too loose or too tight. They should not be hard but also should not be to squishy. If you can feel air pockets the tube needs to be packed more. If you get it too tight you can gently roll the preroll tube between your fingers to loosen the flower. You may need to empty it out and start over if it gets too tight in area and too loose in the other. You don't want a loosely packed bottom of the tube and a tightly packed top (or vice-versa). Remember to use the trick from the video tutorial where you hold the rolling paper in place and slide the packing tool down to avoid unevenness.

Final Thoughts on DIY CBD Preroll Joints

Remember to enjoy CBD preroll joints responsibly. Hemp flower looks and smells just like marijuana so be cautious where and when you decide to enjoy it. You'll get the best experience by lighting preroll joints like a cigar. Instead of inhaling your first puffs, briefly inhale and exhale a few times while rotating the CBD preroll joint to ensure it lights and burns evenly. If you like DIY projects and recipes, you might also want to check out our recipes for CBD bath bombs and more!


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