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Full Flavor Plain Jane Trim is the same fantastic ground hemp flower found in our hemp prerolls. This trim is pre-ground and ready to use (note: there are no solid buds, our trim is entirely ground). It is perfect for making your own pre-rolls or using to make your own hemp cannabutter or hemp extracts.

Unlike our odorless hemp trim/shake, which is processed to remove the “hemp smell”, this is potent (full smell) and full of flavor, offering a robust experience. This product contains less than 0.3% delta-9-THC and is 100% legal.

It is highly advised to act responsibly and treat this like a cannabis product, as it can look like marijuana. Plain Jane is not responsible for anyone confiscating this product, nor arresting/fining you for having this legal product in your possession because of a misunderstanding of what it actually is. Buy and consume at your own risk.


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142 reviews for Full Flavor Trim

  1. davy.wybiral

    I added a couple 7g bags of this trim (Elektra and Sour Space Candy) onto an order of gummies just to try it out and I’m very pleased! Both of them weighed over 7g and were very light on seeds and stems. In fact the Elektra was practically all small buds! The Space Candy was mostly sugar leaf but it also had some little buds and plenty of trichomes. Both smell great, definitely worth the price here.

  2. Leon bunch

    Excellent nice taste 👅 order came quick less then a week other sites 2 weeks or more plain Jane is great I took all 14gs of shake and makes 4 gs of rosion and then bought terps and made live rosion carts thanks plain Jane

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